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WOD and DONE Australia

Stocking WOD and DONE Hand Grips and Thumb Strips

Next Generation Hand Protection and Recovery. Why WOD and DONES?

We'll take the beating so your hands don't have to. Use as a stand-alone application or base layer under grips & gloves for maximum protection.

It doesn’t matter whether your favourite workout is functional fitness, OCR or extreme sports, WOD and DONE hand protection gives you the secure grip you need to tackle whatever it throws at you.

We’ve refined our hand grips through hundreds of workouts, so you can be sure that your WOD and DONES will deliver superior performance, each and every time you put on a new pair.

Protect Your Hands

Whether you use them on their own or as a base layer under gloves, WOD and DONES make sure that your hands are protected through the toughest workouts. No more rips or bloody hands. Nothing should keep you from the workouts you love – especially ripped hands.

Fits Like A Second Skin

Our hand grips are designed to be so thin and flexible that you feel like you’re not wearing anything. With superior adhesion, they flex with your hands, thumb and fingers. They don’t slide or bunch up, so nothing gets in the way.

Water- & Sweat-Resistant

Water and sweat are two of the biggest enemies of most hand grips – but not WOD and DONES. Our grips are designed to stick to your hands and water, sweat or chalk won’t weaken them.

And we offer our specially-designed adhesive to provide extra-strength grip when you’re taking on your most grueling, extreme workouts.

Speed Your Recovery

Ripped your hands? No problem! Use WOD and DONES grips to protect your skin as it heals. Give yourself an added layer of protection with gloves. And once your hands are healed, protect any future injuries by using WOD and DONES during your workouts.

Single-Use & Self-Adhesive

Every WOD and DONE hand grip is designed to be used once, ensuring you get the most hygenic product. Just peel and apply to your hands. It’s so thin that you feel like you aren’t wearing anything. But as soon as you start working out, you’ll notice two things – your hands aren’t ripping and your grip is better than ever.

For enquiries about WOD and DONES please email us direct at and catch us at upcoming Competitions for purchase.