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Winning Training and Fitness is so excited to be bringing Caffeine and Kilos to Australia!! 

Most stuff made for the gym doesn't make sense anywhere else. Caffeine And Kilos products make you look great and feel amazing everywhere, so you're confident in and out of the gym.

When Caffeine and Kilos was founded in 2013, fitness was at the beginning of a revolution. Olympic Weightlifting was beginning to swell as a sport in the United States and CrossFit was gaining steam worldwide. Training like an athlete was nearly mainstream once again.

With the goal of promoting this active lifestyle, The Caffeine and Kilos Invitational was launched in September of that year. The plan was to bring together the best weightlifters in the country, and have them compete for a cash prize in front of a large and passionate audience.  

Along with the competition, was the launch of the Caffeine and Kilos apparel line and PR Blend coffee.  

Most of the apparel in the fitness industry fit into two categories, corny or ill fitting.  Occasionally, one item would be lucky enough to fit into both categories.

The desire of Caffeine and Kilos is to make apparel that is clean, comfortable, and fits your active build.  Something you’re proud to wear in the gym, out to dinner, or to your nieces birthday party.

Caffeine and Kilos is a true lifestyle brand that encourages a healthy and active way of life.  For you that might be in the gym, on the mountain, or with the family.  One thing is certain - it's a lifestyle that you are proud to represent.

Our common purpose is to promote an active lifestyle by providing quality products and experiences to people of all ages, everywhere.